Kensington Pride mangoes G and A Loro farm

Are mangoes Australia’s favourite fruit? Must be close – we’re super fussy when it comes to which variety we choose and Kensington Pride are hands- down our favourite. They have a rich sunny golden colour, fibreless flesh and a beautiful tropical aroma which our mango loving Pure pops fans always comment on with our Mango Lime Ripple and Tropicalia flavours.

Mangoes - man in tree

“George and I have been growing mangoes in the Burdekin region of North Queensland for nearly 40 years. We take pride in producing the sweetest tastiest mango that the season will allow us to deliver. We love being able to supply a delicious mango for consumers to enjoy every year and plan to continue doing this for as long as our health lets us” Anne Loro

Mangoes - Trees on farm

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