Helilia vanilla

Did you know 98% of the world’s vanilla consumption is artificial? We are amongst the 2% using the real deal – and are really proud to use such a special product in our Pure Pops range.

Heilala (pronounced ‘hey la la’) Vanilla is the good vanilla – good for the community, the growers and their families. They started its humanitarian mission over 15 years ago to empower the people of Tonga alongside the Latu family after a devastating cyclone in 2002. The families have worked together to establish a vanilla plantation that is not only sustainable but also the most awarded Bourbon variety vanilla in the world. 

Bourbon vanilla is often described as creamy, sweet and rich, the perfect addition to our organic yoghurt, sugar syrups and Vanilla Malt Shake pops. Sometimes it is the superstar hero ingredient (think Vanilla Malt Shake), and often it is that hidden sparkle in a flavour like Passionfruit Quench and Strawberry Rhubarb Vanilla.

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