Callebaut Chocolate

When creating Pure Pops choc malt shake it was our last flavour to the family and who could believe it is our number one seller!

With chocolate as delicious as Callebaut is it any surprise. It all started in 1911, in a small town in Belgium called Wieze.The chocolate is crafted in Belgium from bean to chocolate. We use our favourite blend dark 55% chocolate from the finest Belgian chocolate.

Our chocolate range has grown to include double choc pop which has the perfect mix of Callebaut’s iconic couverture milk chocolate (tastes of cocoa, milk and caramel) and the dark choc blend. There is a reason it’s called the finest Belgian Chocolate – you can’t stop at one, double choc don’t stop.

Callebaut has fantastic initiatives supporting the cocoa farmers. Great chocolate needs great cocoa beans and from every box of chocolate purchased part is reinvested in farmer training and community projects in partnership with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. 

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