We’re compostable!

When you think of ice pops and ice blocks the beach is pretty much your first memory... a warm day pop dripping in hand. With the current knowledge on single-use plastic consumption, we have aresponsibility to produce the most sustainable product we can. It was a long mission to be able to source a compostable biodegradable film that would keep the pops safe in the freezer.
In January 2019 we were super proud to package our first run of pure pops in a non-plastic film and have made the complete conversion for all of our wrappers. 

Natureflex film is certified biodegradable and compostable (pending home certification in Australia) made from sustainably harvested marine safe cellulose. Whilst we can’t be at every beach and Pure Pops location to bin the rubbish we know our customers and stockists are like-minded in disposing of the wrapper thoughtfully and the added benefit of our wrappers being plastic-free has been a great addition to our Pure Pops sustainability journey.
More info on Natureflex material can be found here http://www.futamuragroup.com/divisions/cellulose-films/products/natureflex/