Pure Pops

Home compostable and plastic free.

We are lovers of the ocean trying to squeeze in a surf here and there, bush walking, gardening and being in nature as much as we can. We will do everything we can to protect our precious environment by making our packaging as sustainable and recyclable as possible.

The day it all changed.

Walking our local beach one morning we found a Pure Pops wrapper buried in the sand. We realised our wrappers were headed to the ocean and it didn't feel good. That very day we decided to provide a better choice for us, our kids and the planet.

Our first run of Pure Pops in a non-plastic film was released in 2019 and we have now made the complete conversion for all of our wrappers. Since that first run we have saved 722km (Sydney to Byron Bay road trip!) of plastic film being tossed into landfill or choking the ocean.

Frozen products make everything trickier (why didn’t we make dry pasta?!) It needs to seal well, create a barrier, stop icicles forming and not start to bio-degrade in the freezer. Not to mention home compostable film is 6-8 times more expensive than plastic.

We stuck with it and through a lot of trial and error we got there! And while we were at it our factory went 100% solar powered :) It is a joy to add our wrappers to the compost bin and see them disappear. It takes less than 26 weeks - that’s quicker than a pineapple top.

Our footprint matters. Pure Pops on average are eaten in under two minutes yet our wrappers would be around for hundreds of years. Our quest for plastic free packaging has kick started our sustainability journey and we are super excited to continue making the best tasting pop that doesn’t cost the planet.

Love, Georgi and Alice