Mango ripple with white choc and toasted coconut.

Our super star fruit is Australian Blood Oranges from the Red Belly Orange Farm. The sweetest tang and most amazing flavour – worth waiting half the year for!Add that extra magic to your Mango Lime Ripple. Melt white chocolate with a little bit of coconut oil or cocoa butter until smooth and glossy, cool slightly (should be around 40C).

Then holding the stick dip your pop horizontally into the chocolate coating half-way. Scatter with toasted coconut flakes and set aside on a tray or plate lined with baking paper into the freezer. Freeze until set – an hour should be enough. 
Serve for dessert at your next summer barbecue.

We’re compostable!

with Natureflex compostable biodegradable filmWhen you think of ice pops and ice blocks the beach is pretty much your first memory… a warm day pop dripping in hand. With the knowledge and education on single-use plastic consumption, we knew .

Home choc dip party

The pack that brings a smile to everyone’s face – are you fruity or a choc-a-holic or both? Mix and match and come up with your best flavour combos – some of our favourites are:

Melt white chocolate with a little bit of coconut oil or cocoa butter until smooth and glossy, cool slightly then dip your pop – our favourites are Tropicalia and Choc Malt Shake (top deck). Then the fun part, scatter and sprinkle with popcorn, crushed freeze dried fruit, nuts the list goes on…
Same goes with dark or milk chocolate our pick is Vanilla Malt Shake with a little sea salt or make it double choc with crushed nuts almonds or peanuts – super yum. Or the surprise fave Strawberry Rhubarb Vanilla coated in dark choc. Share your favourites with us @eatpurepops_icepops 

Our most remote stockist

We have been stocked in some iconic and crazy locations, Tamarama kiosk pop-up for Sculpture by the Sea, an ice-cream slinging boat (The lime green machine – Seaducer) on the sparkling Sydney Harbour, a frozen vending machine at …

the Basin in Sydney’s Ku-ring-gai Chase National park and people have even partied with Pure Pops at the Opera House for New Years Eve. But possibly the most iconic and awe inspiring is tourists and locals alike can lick a pure pops at Uluru. We have been proudly stocked at the Yulara IGA, Yulara NT for over two years now. The IGA is our only NT stockists and we can’t wait to visit and check out everything this beautiful region has to offer.

Our top 5 Pure Pops swim spots

Where we love to swim and eat a pop – Home Edition, Northern Beaches, Sydney.
Is there a more perfect match than a refreshing swim on a sunny day and a Pure Pop? We are thrilled
to be stocked in some incredible locations and iconic kiosks across the East Coast.

Watermelon punch bowl

Pools, pops and punch – sound like a winner? Drop the Watermelon Mini into your favourite glass, add fruit like strawberries, watermelon balls and a little mint. Top with a super chilled sparkling wine or your favourite kombucha.

Other favourites are Passionfruit Quench in your next mojito or make your next daiquiri extra splashy with Tropicalia as a garnish. Mix and match and share your favourites with us @eatpurepops_icepops