We are are fanatical about every ingredient that goes into our Pure Pops and that’s why our partners are so important to us. Local, seasonal produce picked at it’s juiciest – that’s what it’s all about!

Red Belly blood oranges

Our super star fruit is Australian Blood Oranges from the Red Belly Orange Farm. The sweetest tang and most amazing flavour – worth waiting half the year for!

Sungold Jersey Milk - is milk just milk?

Pure Pops love of Jersey milk stems from our farmer’s markets roots – we would trade pops for creamy superior tasting Jersey milk. As we have grown we have kept this commitment to quality and all our dairy shake pops are made with the base of Jersey milk and pure cream. 

These beautiful caramel coloured cows graze in the temperate coastal plains of South West Victoria (Great Ocean Road) outdoors year-round. When you are using only six ingredients or less you need to start with the best and we believe that is why Pure Pops dairy classics taste the way “ice-cream used to taste” when the main ingredient was milk and cream, not substitutes and powders.

Pure Gold Pineapples - King of Pines

The name lives up to the promise. First, it is the smell that gets you, then the hint of golden flesh and then bang – the sunshine flavour. We are super fussy when it comes
to pineapples, they must be ripe and this particular special sunny variety.

Callebaut Chocolate

When creating Pure Pops choc malt shake it was our last flavour to the family and who could believe it is our number one seller!

With chocolate as delicious as Callebaut is it any surprise. It all started in 1911, in a small town in Belgium called Wieze.The chocolate is crafted in Belgium from bean to chocolate. We use our favourite blend dark 55% chocolate from the finest Belgian chocolate.

Our chocolate range has grown to include double choc pop which has the perfect mix of Callebaut’s iconic couverture milk chocolate (tastes of cocoa, milk and caramel) and the dark choc blend. There is a reason it’s called the finest Belgian Chocolate – you can’t stop at one, double choc don’t stop.

Callebaut has fantastic initiatives supporting the cocoa farmers. Great chocolate needs great cocoa beans and from every box of chocolate purchased part is reinvested in farmer training and community projects in partnership with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. 

Helilia vanilla

Did you know 98% of the world’s vanilla consumption is artificial? We are amongst the 2% using the real deal – and are really proud to use such a special product in our Pure Pops range.

Heilala (pronounced ‘hey la la’) Vanilla is the good vanilla – good for the community, the growers and their families. They started its humanitarian mission over 15 years ago to empower the people of Tonga alongside the Latu family after a devastating cyclone in 2002. The families have worked together to establish a vanilla plantation that is not only sustainable but also the most awarded Bourbon variety vanilla in the world. 

Bourbon vanilla is often described as creamy, sweet and rich, the perfect addition to our organic yoghurt, sugar syrups and Vanilla Malt Shake pops. Sometimes it is the superstar hero ingredient (think Vanilla Malt Shake), and often it is that hidden sparkle in a flavour like Passionfruit Quench and Strawberry Rhubarb Vanilla.

G and A Loro Kensington Pride mangoes

G and A Loro Kensington Pride mangoes Are mangoes Australia’s favourite fruit? Must be close – we are super fussy when it comes to which variety we choose and Kensington Pride are hands-down our favourite

Nakula organic coconut milk

Nakula organic coconut is
a true family business. On a surf trip to Indonesion Island Sumba in 2009 Father (Tony) and son (Lachy) discovered coconut water in it’s purest form – straight from the nut.

Lachy had been unwell and the locals encouraged him to drink the coconut water with it’s natural wealth of electrolytes and healing properties.

On returning to Sydney the family started the business Nakula along with wife and sister and set-up close and long lasting relationships with the growers and donating part of the profits to local initiatives for clean water for schools and orphanages in South-East Asia.

The beautiful white coconut milk is rich in flavour and aroma and certified organic.